COOP – Masterproject 2021

COOP is designed for the students of Sint-Lucas Antwerp. This application is made so that it will be an easy guide for the students if they are in need of help when they get stuck or when there are some issues that, they believe, can not be solved on their own.
In this instruction manual, it will be explained how the application works, how it is designed, why it looks like this, and what the function is of everything on every page.

a. Design
The design of the application is basic. The colours that are used are the same colours used on the website of Sint-Lucas Antwerp which are: black, white and turquoise. There are no rounded edges, not a lot of shapes used. The main reason this is, is because the application should not be addictive. Studies showed that if an application has a “boring” design, people will not use it often. Students can use the application as a personal blog (Profile page), and to see other students their work (Art Therapy as in looking at art as a form of therapy).

b. Logo
It is all about the chemical structure of Serotonin. This neurotransmitter triggers inner peace and feeling content. It supresses emotions, so we can feel this inner peace. It is important that the logo has a meaning, meaning serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in our brain. The C and P were at first for a draft. Looking up the meaning of “Coop” the results were: a tiny space/building where chickens lay their eggs and live, and “to be cooped-up” was the closed to what this application means. “to be cooped-up”, or to be stuck in one place.

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