Project 2019 – 2020

In the beginning this project/idea was a scientific approach to Artificial Intelligence, now it is not. I don’t like to make personal work as I am afraid of exposing myself and people might judge me on who I am and what which makes me scared and reminds me of the times I was bullied in school for being weird. Now I close myself off and I try not to expose myself to the outside world. Even my friends only know certain things, and I feel comfortable that way, so nobody will know the real me.

Because I could not escape the fact that I had to make my work personal, because of COVID-19, was the scientific approach more like a mask to not make it personal and show it to the public. Now the mask has fallen and I had to do it because of the lockdown due to COVID-19. This project is a confrontation for myself, that I can, in a way, expose a little bit of myself to a public.

By using an application I rendered 32 pictures of myself into a morph, trying to create a new picture of myself. Instead of a clear picture, the result was a blurry silhouette which symbolizes the mask I wear to hide myself.

©DIFOM Photography
©DIFOM Photography

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